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Newsletter July

Hello again our Fabulous Payswif Fans, the July newsletter is finally in, and oh boy do we have some great things to talk about but before we do if you are new to Payswif. Please take the time to read our previous blog posts here and read about Payswif here www.payswif.vc/faq.

In June, we announced that Payswif will be going feeless within its network; thus giving users the ability to conduct transactions such as bill payments, mobile credit top-ups, bank, and credit union withdrawals at no additional fees. This announcement was received positively by our users and has increased the total count to 1500+.

The month of July has brought about more great features, milestones, and overall improvements to the Payswif Platform, so let’s break it down;

More Withdrawals Options

We added withdrawal options for transferring your Payswif account balance to Paypal (NB. A PayPal account must be able to receive payments) additional support for withdrawals to Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union and Teachers Cooperative Credit Union are now also possible.

Sending Cash Abroad

Payswif now allows users to send money abroad to anyone with a Paypal, Zelle, or Bank Account in less than 24 hours and even on weekends! read more here

Major Transaction Milestone Success

After surpassing $250k in transactions in June, we decided to set the bar even higher; a whopping 350k. We are elated to say that we’ve completed over $425k in transactions for the month of July; a $75,000 increase over the goal of $350k.  We’ve set our next goal to $500,000 (Half a Million); will we make it?

First Virtual Soca Competition

Payswif was an official sponsor of the first-ever virtual soca monarch competition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. We are very proud to have been part of making history in here vincy!

Research and Development, Smart Kiosk

We’ve begun work on our locally developed Payswif Smart Kiosk; what is a Kiosk you might ask? Well to put it simply; a kiosk is a hardware device that is customized to serve a customer based on a particular need. This customer can interact with the kiosk via touch or touchless interface and complete services without the need of a customer to employee interaction. Large businesses are adopting these technologies to help reduce lines and automate repetitive business operations.

You might also ask; but why aren’t more businesses using kiosks? Well, the short answer is that purchasing a kiosk can be very expensive with the development of software being outsourced which dramatically delays an already lengthy shipping and logistics process of getting the kiosk to St. Vincent and the Grenadines; with most kiosk being manufactured in CHINA hence the aforementioned caveats.

Our plan is simple, build, and locally develop kiosk devices that can be affordable for businesses and that can be readily available in a matter of weeks rather than months. We are on schedule for the first production model in September 2020. If you are a business reading this and would be interested in a kiosk please contact us.

Featured Payswif Business of the Month

Ehub provides a convenient digital shopping experience from the comfort of your home or busy work schedule. Visit the website at www.ehubsvg.com to read more about their splendid service.


So that’s the month of July at Payswif, let’s get ready for August! Watch our video tutorials here, join our whatsapp network here and follow us on Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook for updates!

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Send Cash abroad with Payswif

Payswif Nows allows you to send Cash Abroad to friends, family or to prospective business clients within a few clicks!

Here are some benefits to using Payswif for sending money abroad.

  1. Fast: it’s super fast to send money overseas with transactions completing in as little as 1-24 business hours when compared to traditional methods of 3-5 days. Send directly from your smartphone using a debit/credit card in an instant!
  2. Convenience: No lines or waiting time required to send money overseas, We support all international Paypal accounts, USA Zelle Accounts, Uk, Canada and more.
  3. Environmental: No paperwork required. Sign up for a Payswif account and you are ready to go!
  4. Easy: In less than a few steps you can routinely send money to anyone anytime of the day.
  5. Great Customer Support: Our live online customer support has you covered even when our head office is closed.

Here’s how to get started, signup for a payswif account then watch our easy video tutorials here, recharge your payswif account then complete a transfer to anyone overseas.

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Newsletter June

June has passed as swiftly as it came but not without leaving some impressive results and
BIG announcements!

We at Research Innovate lifestyle would like to send out a sincere thank you to our social media followers, individual users and businesses that supported the Payswif platform.  We are extremely happy about the month of June but before we get into it, we will like to ask the new followers to please read more about Payswif here and how Research Innovate Lifestyle is changing the way we pay, with Payswif.

We are very pleased with the numbers and Payswif has successfully executed over $250,000 EC dollars  in transactions; that’s saving quite a lot of people from the hassle of standing in line to receive money from friends and family abroad or paying those essential utility bills for the home or business!

A huge change is occurring in which business owners are now seeing the need to upgrade to digital technologies not only to stay ahead of the competition but to also protect the lives of their employees and customers. Covid-19 has definitely taught us this significant lesson in how we do business as Vincentians.

We are also witnessing the awakening of individuals who no longer see the logic in standing in 3 to 4 separate lines at different locations to pay utility bills or conduct routine tasks on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Payswif has successfully completed over $75,000+ EC dollars in bill payments to (Flow, Vinlec, CWSA & Courts) on behalf of our users, a 50%+ increase from May’s $50,000 EC dollars. No more long lines!

The excitement is not over just yet, we’ve gone FEELESS. What?!  Yes, we announced going free!

All major Payswif transactions are now feeless, this means there is no additional cost when receiving swifcash to your account, making a bill payment, conducting a mobile credit topup, transferring swifcash to another Payswif user’s account, withdrawing your swifcash to your bank and credit union account or from integrating Payswif as a gateway into your wordpress woocommerce website and Mobile Apps.

The announcement of going feeless has definitely sparked more interest in going digital and we are currently in negotiations with businesses from the insurance industry, restaurant industry and the new upcoming tech & software industry here in SVG. We will make all of our major partnerships and collaborations known in our next newsletter so stay connected to our blog and social media pages!

Payswif will keep disrupting the norm by making bold & innovative changes that will pave the way for an improved Vincentian way of life, an UPGRADE to the future!

Be safer, be smarter, be faster, be feeless with Payswif!

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Newsletter May 2020

As we prepare for a major announcement this June, lets first reflect on the milestones of May 2020, one month after our public launch on the 17th of April.

We know it’s hard for new and locally owned small businesses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to get the support they need in order to grow, especially now in a global pandemic (COVID-19). We are thankful this is actively changing and the public is willing to  give Vincentian businesses a much needed chance.

There has been more ICT/Tech business startups this year and we have worked with a number of these businesses to integrate Payswif directly into their websites and mobile apps, existing businesses have now also transitioned to accepting digital payments for their products and services. The month of May has been a relatively busy one and promises that June will be no different with our BIG announcement.

Payswif has grown to over 1500 users across platforms for iOS, Android and Web. We have 30+ five star reviews in the app stores from satisfied users with over 6,000 digital transactions totaling $200,000+ EC dollars. Over $50,000+ EC dollars of which were bill payments to CWSA, VINLEC, COURTS & FLOW on behalf of our users (think of how many long lines were avoided).

We are so happy to have helped so many Vincentians in such a short time, there is more room for growth and with your support we can bring more positive changes to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

We are preparing for a major announcement this June 2020. We know our existing fans and new users will be BLOWN away by this announcement. So follow our Facebook, Twitter & IG pages and install the #1 payment app to your mobile phone today!

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Payswif Goes Live in SVG

Research Innovate Lifestyle (Ril) is happy to announce the release of the first Digital Payment Platform developed here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Payswif.

Payswif allows businesses and individuals within St. Vincent and the Grenadines to conduct e-commerce transactions such as; online shopping of products and services, electronic money transfers, bill payments, electronic mobile top-ups for local carriers and API integration for websites and mobile apps.

Research Innovate Lifestyle was established in the year 2014 by the founders Jamal Glasgow and Marlo Browne who share a combined ICT experience of over 10 years with expertise in areas of Cyber Security, Computer Networking and Software & Systems Development.

The mission of Research Innovate Lifestyle is to develop viable solutions using Information Communication Technologies (ICT) which will improve the quality of life for Vincentians. Payswif has brought job creation and aid in small business and entrepreneurship development with its remarkable ease of use and unmatched features.

Payswif has been developed and built locally from the ground-up with open source technologies and strict security standards of PCI compliance by the staff of Research Innovate Lifestyle.

Payswif was built by Vincentians for Vincentians, hence our unique understanding of the market requirements for digital payments.

Payswif has been tested with confirmed transactions of $100,000.00 EC in international e-commerce, $15,000+ in local bill payments and $10,000+ in other digital services during its 1 year pilot phase which commenced March 2019 and ended March 2020.

Payswif has created over 50 part-time jobs with its agent programme, providing income for the unemployed and assisting with additional revenue generations for developing small businesses. Payswif agents are located nation-wide as far as Chateaubelair to Fancy and to our lovely Grenadine Isles.

Research Innovate Lifestyle welcomes the general public to take full advantage of Payswif and its features by visiting our website www.payswif.vc​. Research Innovate Lifestyle will like to give special thanks to the agents of Payswif, the small businesses and all early adopters who now accept Payswif as a means of digital payment through their websites and mobile apps, with your help none of this would be possible. Please stay safe St. Vincent and the Grenadines and have a productive 2020.

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