Payswif Nows allows you to send Cash Abroad to friends, family or to prospective business clients within a few clicks!

Here are some benefits to using Payswif for sending money abroad.

  1. Fast: it’s super fast to send money overseas with transactions completing in as little as 1-24 business hours when compared to traditional methods of 3-5 days. Send directly from your smartphone using a debit/credit card in an instant!
  2. Convenience: No lines or waiting time required to send money overseas, We support all international Paypal accounts, USA Zelle Accounts, Uk, Canada and more.
  3. Environmental: No paperwork required. Sign up for a Payswif account and you are ready to go!
  4. Easy: In less than a few steps you can routinely send money to anyone anytime of the day.
  5. Great Customer Support: Our live online customer support has you covered even when our head office is closed.

Here’s how to get started, signup for a payswif account then watch our easy video tutorials here, recharge your payswif account then complete a transfer to anyone overseas.

  • Lorna Vergara
    9:48 AM, August 2020

    How is payment done?

    • jamal
      4:30 PM, August 2020

      Hi, Lorna First you will need a Payswif account, please contact us via whatsapp 17845314952 for more details.

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