What is Payswif?

Payswif allows businesses and individuals within St. Vincent and the Grenadines to conduct e-commerce transactions such as; online shopping for products and services, digital money transfers, bill payments, digital mobile top-ups for local carriers and API integration for websites and mobile apps. Read our Frequently ASKED Questions here


Signup with Payswif

Install our mobile app, begin the signup process and select the account type that is right for you. Fill in your details and verify your account within a few minutes. Get your account now

Adding Money to Payswif

Now lets add some cash to your payswif account, cash in payswif is reflected as a 1 to 1 equivalent with the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. Click here to add money to your account

What Can I do with Payswif?

 Here are a few features you can take advantage of,  bill payments, mobile credit topups, pocket saver or simply cashing out your balance  read more here.

FREE Features

The Payswif Network is FEELESS

Money Transfers

It’s truly amazing how fast it is to receive money from abroad directly to your Payswif account or send locally to other users within Payswif. No more lines, go cashless.


There is no excuse in starting your online webstore or mobile app. Payswif gives you the tools to conduct local or international ecommerce. Request our API or plugins today.

Online Shopping

Paying for goods and services online locally is now possible with Payswif. Buy Gift cards, Amazon, Itunes Google Play, XBox, Playstation. Shop Now

Earn Money

Enlist as a Payswif Agent and earn money per transaction conducted within our network. Create a new revenue stream that works for you. Read more here

Bill Payments

Pay your bills from home or anywhere you are in the world. We’ll conduct your bill payments in 1-24 business hours. Start now

Great Support

We are here to help 24/7 with any questions or queries you may have. Ask us a question

April 24, 2020
Great app with numerous useful features integrated such as paying bills, credit top-up and the ability to send money to others……The interface is very sleek and user friendly.It is also easy to navigate. I would recommend this app to anyone.
shamar culzac
Google play

Wow! I was like no way this is true but I now understand the hype behind this. I actually paid vincy bills I couldn’t make it up CWSA and this actually worked and I see me balance too Haha ok ok i get it now thumps payswif 👍🥰

Cedella Baptiste
google play

Best experience ever! makes everything soo much easier ….Get this app and you can top up your phone credit , shop online ,transfer/send money to your friends or family and even pay your bills right at home …Download this app ..i’m so glad I did!😁


Jenjen Richards
Google play

Long awaited solution to receiving online payment in Saint Vincent as PayPal and other like services don’t offer the option to receive payment. Great job guys, well done!!


Steafan Taylor
google play




Google play

From sign up to operational quick and easy. No in-service obstacles. Excellent application. Looking forward to continued use.


Google Play

I got paid from international markets. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I didn’t need a bank account I love this method because it works best for me in addition I got support because they answer any queries I had. Awesome app😂

Precious-Joy Gordon
Google play

It’s a wonderful service that it easy to use from the comfort of your home. You can pay bill, top and much more . 5/5


Dark Rabbit
google play

It’s very easy to use, it helps saving time in top up phone with credit and paying bills. It is well deserving of a 5 star review


Javan DaSilva
google play

Very easy to use, and reliable. Can be use paid all your bills and can top up your phone with credit. It have many features, one is linking your Amazon account and purchasing gift cards….would highly recommend 5/5

google play

Makes bill payments and other micro transactions conveniently from any location. Easy to use with no hassle 💯👍🏾

Phil Andrew
google play

Very responsive and convenient app for when you’re not able to make transactions in person. Pay bills and top up your credit with ease.

Brian Nash
Google play

This is a great app dont have to leave my house to pay my utility bills, Buy credit one time, good for all you payments any where in the world and on the clock of your phone

google play

Add Money To Your Account

It’s safer to use Payswif when compared to cash!

Payswif Agents are located all around St. Vincent and the Grenadines, click here to view a map of agents near you!

You may also recharge instantly within the App using your credit debit card.


Use Credit/Debit or Paypal

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