Please Read Our Policies 

Our Policies are made to be as clear as possible and to serve the purpose of protecting our users and ensure the continued growth and success of the Payswif Digital Payment Platform.


Welcome to Payswif’s Usage Terms and Conditions & Supporting Policies.

This document serves as a binding agreement between Payswif and you; referred to as the “user, customer, you, buyer, seller, business” henceforth who is registered or is in use of the Payswif Services; “Payment Processing, Money Transfers, API Access, and Payswif enabled devices & mediums (Payswif Prepaid Cards)” referred to as “Services, Features” henceforth, you agree to comply to this agreement and all of its uses, terms and conditions in order to use any aspect of the services provided.


Payswif provides services that include but are not limited to, accepting payments for products or services or receiving donations to your charity/NGO from your (“Customers”).

Our services are extensible and covered through additional descriptions on our website, we may provide you with software libraries or application programming interfaces (API) that can be used to access the services or additional resources that are available to you from our website.

Upon registering a Payswif account you are agreeing to adhere to the terms and conditions of this agreement in its full entirety and may not subject any one particular to indemnify any others through claims of legal action.

In conjunction with this, you are required to agree to the additional sub-policies in full and also agree to adhere to the electronic consent clause of this agreement, which you acknowledge is a legal form of consenting or signing into this and other accompanying policies. We reserve the right to amend this agreement and any of the other policies listed from time to time and will take immediate effect after notifying you of its publication. If you disapprove of the changes you are allowed to terminate your agreement in accordance with this agreement and the applicable guidelines, clauses, and effects of termination will take effect.



Payswif operates as a pay as you use service with a semi-unbanked framework. You are not required to have a banking or financial account linked to your Payswif account (Personal or Business). Payswif offers two main account types; Personal and Business accounts only differ in the limits applied for the services offered by Payswif in accordance with compliance and laws in the country of Payswif’s operations.

Opening A Payswif Account

Upon registration of your account, you will be asked to provide information that identifies you or the company that will be using either of the account types accordingly. Please check our AUP. You agree that the information provided is truthful and unaltered for the sole purpose of your account creation.

Business Registration

Business accounts will require additional documentation and verification, you may be asked to provide but are not limited to; business account registrations, bank statements, receipts or invoices, and identification of authorized personnel associated with or owners of the business. We reserve the right to accept, approve, disapprove, ban, lock or terminate existing accounts that violate our terms and conditions or any other policies of Payswif.

Personal Registration

Personal accounts can be upgraded at any time but must require the same steps as outlined above. Personal accounts are means for consumer usage with low-volume transactions.

 Information Integrity

The information provided to Payswif for both account types must be valid and match the Payswif account ID which uses a mobile phone number as its secondary system ID which ensures easy account management. Both accounts require phone number verifications before registration and are used as a second-level authentication within Payswif.

Account Termination, Suspension

We have the right to cancel, disapprove, or block for any reason your registration should it be in breach or not in the best faith of Payswif. Your account will remain under supervision for activities within an undisclosed period of time known only to the department responsible.

Registration Verification

Your account registration verification must be completed through SMS, a code verification to ensure that your account ID (“Mobile/Landline Number”) is in your possession. 

Account Data

Using our services, your name (or the name used to identify  your business) and URL may appear on your Customers’ bank or other statements and within the Payswif System. You are responsible for clearly outlining your business activity or conduct to your Customers.

Account Usage

You must only use our services to facilitate transactions as described; You may use our services to send money to others of the Payswif Network in accordance with the limits imposed by your account type and compliances of Payswif operations within the recipient’s country, to conduct any personal or business transactions for business services such as; Bill Payments, Food & Beverage Purchases, Hotel & Car Hire Booking services, Medical & Educational Services, Arts. Please inquire with us directly if your intended use of our services is in compliance before proceeding to conduct such transactions.

Both Accounts Allow Users to;
  • Send and receive money ( swifcash)
  • Buy & sell products and services
  • Receive “card payments” debit-credit card transactions from “customers”, Cash deposits “recharge”, and Bank account Transfers.
  • Use Smart Kiosk Devices and Point of sale equipment with, Payswif Prepaid cards, Credit/debit cards, or Direct Payswif account access.
  • Use of Application Programming Integration to the website, mobile apps, and systems that are within our AUP “Accepted Use Policy”
Closing Your account

You are allowed to close your account at any time and terminate this agreement with us. You will however remain obligated to fulfill any requirements prior to the termination. You affirm that your balance must be withdrawn before your account can be closed, negative balances as a result of fines or fees must be paid in full.

You may not be allowed to close your account in cases where you are under investigation by the authorities that govern you or Payswif’s base of operations for opened or pending disputes and negative account balances.

Dormant accounts

Dormant accounts are to be closed after 48 months of no activities, with remaining balances passed over to the appropriate authorities. Payswif will not pass any balances to family members or associates without explicit instructions from the account holder or otherwise legally stated. Should death or an unfortunate event proceed that renders the account holder incapable of providing such instructions, the balances will go to any appropriate authorities which handle such. After 60 days of no response, the process of dormant account termination and transfers will begin.

Account Validation

At any time during the terms of this agreement and your use of the services, we may require additional information from you to verify beneficial ownership or control of the business or account being used or your representative’s identity, and assess the risk associated with your business or personal account usage.

Changes to Your Payswif account

You agree to keep your Payswif account information current and must promptly update with any changes affecting you, the nature of your business activities, your representatives, beneficial owners, principals, or any other pertinent information. We may suspend your Payswif account or terminate this Agreement if you fail to keep this information current.

Electronic Consent

By registering for a Payswif account, you agree that the registration constitutes your electronic signature, and you consent to the electronic provision of all disclosures and notices from Payswif, including those required by Law. You also agree that your electronic consent will have the same legal effect as a physical signature.

Available Payment Methods

The nature of Payswif’s semi-unbanked design allows Non-Payswif registered customers the ability-initiated payments via credit or debit cards, in the main currency of USD from Visa or MasterCard options. Registered users of Payswif can still enable direct debit or credit payments within the system or use their Payswif account Balance with our digital currency “Swifcash” to complete payments.

Supported Currencies include; Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC) & USD . You are responsible for any loss in conversion between both currencies at any given time.

Credit/Debit Card 

When conducting card payments or recharges by Visa or Mastercard please note Payswif does not store a user’s card information within our servers and relies on its processing partners to handle such transactions.

Swifcash ( Payswif Balance)

Your Payswif account balance that is recharged by using credit/debit card, bank transfer, local Agent, the amount added by the result of sales from a website or mobile app.

Payswif Prepaid Card

Our custom development payment card system, which uses NFC technology linked to a user’s Payswif account can also be used to facilitate payments, through Point-of-Sale systems and Smart Kiosk machines or online within the Payswif Network.

Withdrawing your Balance

You affirm that your Payswif account balance can be withdrawn in a variety of ways including cash at our base of operations or in the countries listed or by any of our approved Agents, direct-deposit to a financial institution or  wire transferred to your bank account, are also possibilities with regards to additional fees being processed by the receiving financial institution that are not covered by Payswif.

Direct-deposits or wire transfers can be withdrawn and reflected between 12-72 business hours for local and regional territories and 3-5 business days for USA, Canada & United Kingdom.

Payswif does not automate the transfer process of funds from your account balance to any Payout accounts that might be linked within your account dashboard.

You affirm that Payswif provides a pooled environment of funds with our various banking providers to enable the services we deliver. These amounts are accounted for in every account within the system and do not go towards risk investments or corporate expenses.


At any time, Payswif may delay withdrawals from accounts if we suspect incorrect information or fraudulent tampering within a user’s account, or misuse of our service in accordance with our AUP.

Account Activity Statements

You are provided Full activity statements from within your Payswif account activity page, you affirm that Payswif does not allow modifications or alterations to an existing transaction that will result in a completely new transaction. Non-affecting balance amending transaction records can be added to your transaction activity based on the discretion of Payswif.

Your account activity can be downloaded in a CSV file formation from within the activity page by using the webapp version of Payswif located on our website.

Account Representative

An authorized account representative must affirm to Payswif that both parties are aware of the actions and have permission to conduct further representation. Your representative also becomes a legally binding party to the terms of this agreement and you are liable for their actions and vice versa.

We may require you or your representative to provide additional information or documentation demonstrating your representative’s authority.

Without the express written consent of Payswif, neither you nor your representative may register or attempt to register for a Payswif account on behalf of a user Payswif previously terminated from use of the services.


Your Payswif account may be subjected to a monthly subscription fee. Please read more about our pricing on the pricing page


Money Transfers

Payswif allows you to send money (swifcash)  to other users within the network (Peer-to-Peer “P2P”) based on the account type you will have transfer limits applied to the total amount that can be sent within a span of 30 days.

Buying from Sellers

You can buy or pay for products and services offered by businesses or personal account holders using Payswif.

  • Online retail website/Mobile Apps
  • Sending a payment to a seller for goods or service
  • Visiting a seller’s physical store location to make a purchase 

You are required to read the seller’s policies before you conduct any purchase or payments, you accept that Payswif is not directly liable for any loss through the negotiations of refunds with these sellers. Please read the refund section for more information.

Sellers that do not have a Payswif account would not be able to accept any of our Payment methods. Ask your seller to register a Payswif account on our website.


When making a purchase from a seller, using our smart kiosk systems or POS systems that accept Payswif as a payment option you do not pay a fee. Using debit-credit card providers may charge their own separate fees outside of Payswif additionally currency conversions may be applied in some transactions. Read More about fees here


Payments may be refunded directly to your Payswif account balance or to the card payment provided option used. Refunds must first be queried with the seller and if unresolved can be escalated to us.

You are required to read the seller’s policies before you conduct any purchase or payments, you accept that Payswif is not directly liable for any loss through the negotiations of refunds with the sellers. We do however monitor and apply appropriate fines and actions to repeated offenses.

Preferred Payment Method

As stated above, you have the choice of using your Payswif account balance, Payswif Prepaid Card, or Card provider for Credit and Debit Card Payments.

Using your Payswif account or Prepaid card to make payments allows you to track payments and manage features that are not available for card processing payments.

Recharging  Your Account Balance

There are a variety of ways to recharge your Payswif account balance, including cash, direct-deposit or wire transfers to a financial institution that Payswif is affiliated with and via debit-credit card from your providing bank. Please note some options are not available to all users and can differ based on the user’s country, additionally fees can apply to some methods. Please read more on recharging here

Payswif Prepaid Cards

Your Payswif prepaid card may be obtained from a business partner of Payswif and branded with their images, text, and logos. You can still make purchases to any Payswif accepted entity or Smart Kiosk Machines, look for the powered by Payswif Logo on your Prepaid Card.

Some branded business Payswif Prepaid cards may make use of our rewards or accounts APIs which will allow them to offer more convenience for their services. 

You affirm that Payswif has no liability to how these companies execute or manage these API endpoints, we advise that you read their usage policies that every company must provide for their custom branded Payswif Prepaid card.

Some businesses may choose to share rewards or link accounts across multiple businesses of the same or different affiliates and or departments.

Claims or Disputes

When products or services are not delivered, arrive damaged, or are not as described within the seller’s description your first course of action is to contact the seller or service provider. Payswif ensures that these sellers state or issue a term of service, refund policy, and delivery policy publicly to all potential customers. It is your sole responsibility to review a seller’s policies before making a purchase, Payswif will not be held accountable for any losses if you failed to read the mentioned policies.

Opening A Case

We strive to protect buyers and service users on both ends of the transactions we process and will further investigate any claims or disputes. Holding the seller or buyer accountable is the final verdict after an open case is closed. Sellers and buyers may face penalties or fines for fraud or abuse of the Payswif system and or bad e-commerce practices which can result in account termination or suspension without notice.

Cases more than 45 days old, without a response from either party will be assessed by Payswif and a final verdict will be made on the information provided.

Providing Proof

Additionally, upon opening a case; please provide to Payswif any and all evidence of the completed purchase with an example; screenshots, receipts, and photos of the product or service received. These can better help us determine the outcome of the case.

Items that may not be covered by our protection;

Payswif does not encourage or advocate these types of transactions due to the nature of their construct in regard to legalities or technical anomalies. We will not cover or open cases for these purchases and are at your sole discretion to proceed knowingly with the risk of purchasing. Payswif will not be accountable for any loss or held to legal action thereof.

  • Real estate or properties
  • Financial products or investment schemes (business, venture funding)
  • Automobiles (cars, trucks vans, motorcycles. etc.)
  • Custom-made Items or constructs (Machinery, parts)
  • Crowdfunding or cash options
  • Prohibited Items within our Acceptable Use Policy


Receiving Payments For Products or Services

Accepting Payments

Payswif accounts both Personal and Business holders can receive payments; however business accounts can have larger thresholds to their account limits and features to connect Payswif to their Website or Mobile Apps.

  • Payswif Prepaid Cards Payments

Accepting our prepaid cards require that you have a Payswif Business account & our Point of Sale System.

  • Online Payments

Accepting online payments can be accomplished via our web checkout Portal through the use of Payment Links or use of our APIs and plugins, please request our integration options.

Obtaining your Custom Branded Payswif Prepaid Cards

As a business account holder, you are allowed to create custom branded Prepaid Cards that will be linked to a user’s Payswif account. These prepaid cards can enable your business to use faster face-to-face and Point-of-Sale payments or enable the use of your Kiosk App through our Smart Kiosk Machines.

You can also take advantage of using our accounts API which allows your customers to link your business to their Payswif account directly, which enables faster use of the Smart Kiosk Machine with your Kiosk App. 

You affirm that you must provide policies to illustrate your clear usage of the APIs linked to your Business account.

There is a cost associated with each printed card, this cost must be covered by you or the user receiving it. Please contact us for more information.


Payswif fees do not include taxes of any kind. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that if taxes are applicable to you or your business you must retrieve and report them within the transactional process and provide accountability to the necessary authorities.

Payswif will routinely make reports to the necessary tax authorities regarding transactions we process to ensure compliance with the authorities of the country or state of operations.

Your Policies

You are required to create and publicly make available; a delivery & refund policy, privacy policy, and terms and conditions where applicable. Failure to provide such documents can result in account suspension, termination, fines, or penalties.

Listing Products & Services

When selling products or services, you are required to be very descriptive, truthful, and faithful to complete the purchase for the customer. You must provide policies in compliance with our delivery & refund requirements.


Payswif reserves the right to amend and or implement new fee structures with sufficient notification to its users. You can find out more about fees and how they apply to your account here There can be specific cases where the standard fee structure is not applied and is tailored to a business account holder’s unique needs. 

For more clarification please contact us directly.


You are responsible for issuing refunds for goods and services bought from you or your business. You are responsible for the chargeback fees associated with transactions made directly via debit-credit card.

Payments can be subjected to automatic reversal or refunds should;

  • You lose a case that was opened by a customer or fail to respond to the opened case in a time-bound manner.
  • A Customer initiates a chargeback for a card processing payment, and the card processor determines the successfulness of the chargeback.
  • You fail to provide proof of delivery or evidence of shipment.
  • An unauthorized payment occurs.
  • Payswif sent an erroneous payment to you.
  • You receive a payment for a non-compliant clause within our AUP

You affirm that Payswif reserves the right to recover amounts owed to the company by you or your business for transactions within the system.

Smart Kiosk Apps

As a business account holder, you can request a custom-developed App for use on your Smart Kiosk Machines. You are required to meet compliances that secure the communication and processing of data with your Application Flow/Code implementation.

You must provide policies that outline the usage, privacy, refund, and delivery of goods or services purchased through your KAPP.  

Please contact us for more information.

Smart Kiosk Machines

As a business account holder, you can host one of our smart kiosk Machines within your location of operations and obtain revenue or request a custom kiosk for your business.

You are required to meet compliance with security measures and liability for damages of unauthorized use or accidents.

Please contact us for more information.

API Integration

Payswif provides its developed API and technologies that can be used to access the services it provides as outlined via its website and documentation most of which are manageable from your Payswif account dashboard or through direct communication with Payswif.

You are not allowed to use our API for any other function or feature not described in the documentation or outline via the website.

API documentation and technologies are subjected to updates to ensure security, functionality, and growth of the Payswif services in the form of removal, additions, or depreciations. Payswif will provide notices in accordance with this agreement where applicable.

Available to you may be live & testing environments, demo, or prototype-enabled devices upon request for your development needs.

Acceptable User Policy


You must accept this policy in its entirety along with any other policies provided by Payswif.

Actions requiring approval include gambling, lotteries and sweepstakes should the customers be within locations where these activities are legal.

Prohibited Actions

 You are not allowed to use Payswif for the following Actions:

Facilitates any directly or loosely related transactions;
  1.  Drugs, risks to health, consumer safety, cigarettes
  2. Lost or stolen goods, digital or copyrighted, infringements
  3. Hate, sex trafficking, human trafficking, abuse
  4. Ammunition, firearms, parts, or accessories
  5. Pyramid and Ponzi schemes, “Get Rich Quick” schemes
  6. Bribery or corruption
  7. Violates laws and regulations



Our Privacy Policy outlines what data Payswif may collect, process, share or retain within the operations of our services in accordance with our Usage, Terms, and Conditions. This policy was designed so you can understand how we use your data to deliver the services of Payswif.

What Personal Data Do We Collect?

Information may be collected when you visit or use our sites or services;

  1. Registration Details – When you register for a Payswif account you are required by our Usage, Terms, and Conditions to supply information in the nature of but not limited to your name, address, Mobile/Landline phone number, email address, and identification documents, business registration documents.
  2. Transactions, Sender & Recipient Details – When conducting payments, money transfers, or using any other processing service of Payswif you are required to make available to us data in the nature of but not limited to amount being sent, method of payment used, an entity receiving payment, the entity making the payment, associated merchant/business information and description of the transaction. Other finer detailed data may be required to allow successful transactions.
  3. Contact & Identification Details – Collected during or after the registration process. May be required to make cash withdrawals from supported agents or Face-to-face Payments example providing identification that matches your account information to complete a withdrawal.
How do we process this data?

Your data may be processed for the following;

  • To operate our website & services
  • Conducting a payment, money transfers, and account top-ups
  •  Authenticate Access
  •  API communications
  • Card Processing Providers
Do we share this data?

Payswif may share your Personal data for a variety of reasons, but always within the best interest of our company and your personal safety, integrity, and financial standing. We will only share the minimum required data to facilitate our services and require all business users to do the same.

Among other directly connected members of the Payswif corporate structure, these members may be registered with different corporate names but are in some and many ways a direct extension to or from Payswif.

  1. This allows us to deliver the services offered to you, for example, we may for another company handle customer service-related issues for Payswif under a different name “Digital Customer Relations Inc.”
  2. To third parties that enhance or aid in providing our services to you. For example, our Banking & financial providers, and credit debit card processors.
  3. To law enforcement authorities, or legal bodies that request information with just cause, for use in compliance or audits, or investigation of illegal activities.
  4. To other users of Payswif when conducting transactions using our services, for example you may purchase a good or service from a Payswif accepted business. Your transaction details are viewable to the business which may include your name and phone number as the primary information. Businesses may request additional information from you to aid in completing your transaction. Please read our Usage, Terms, and Conditions to understand what compliances these merchants must adhere to when offering goods or services through Payswif.
How much of this Data do we retain?

We store the necessary data to allow Payswif to work in compliance with authorities and facilitate our services. We may hold data for longer periods of time undisclosed to the public in our business operations interest. For account termination, we may retain your data for as long as the applicable laws allow us to. We do not make claims to owning your personal data however we do own portions of the transaction or any data that is not defined as personally identifiable data which may be linked to your account.

How do we protect your Personal Data?

We employ technical, physical, and administrative security measures to our base of operations, our websites, services and employ business accounts holders to comply with these measures outlined in our policies. These measures may make use of encryption, 2FA, email & SMS notifications, routine audits, frequent alterations and improvements to services provided, antivirus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, routine backups, automatic logouts, brute force protection, and password change prompts. We are not responsible for protecting any Personal Data that we share with a third-party based on an account connection that you have authorized.

How do we use tracking & cookies?

When you visit our websites or use our services, we employ various means to track access to our services for the sole purpose of enhancing our security measures and protocols. These tracking methods can help prevent unauthorized account access for fraudsters. We use cookies, and local web storage to enhance the functionality, ease of access, and also security of your account. We do not use this information for advertising or resale purposes.

What are your opt-out choices?

Many of the current implementations of the methods we use to provide our services as outlined in this document rely heavily on your acceptance of the entirety of this and supporting policies. This means if you do not agree with this policy or parts therein, you cannot continue to use our services and must request your account termination.

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions that we have not covered in our Privacy Policy. Please use the contacts our age on our website.


It is our goal to ensure the protection of sellers and customers that use the Payswif platform. Please ensure to read all areas of this and other policies listed in this document carefully, should you not agree, cancel or terminate any and all transactions forthwith.

Agreement As A Seller/Business

As a seller of goods or services utilizing the Payswif platform, all sellers hereby affirm the Usage, Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and this policy in their respective and full entirety.

You affirm that Payswif is not required or to be held accountable for not reviewing each and every seller’s policies at the time of creation, modification, adjustments, or amendments.

You affirm that you will provide to your customers your business/seller policies in non-conflicting coordination with the terms within this policy, and all other policies of Payswif, you agree to cross-link to this policy from the Payswif website as a reference to customers.


Policies required are; terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund & delivery policy. You are also required to offer a contact us page or equivalent consisting of email and phone number contact at a minimum.

Failure to comply with these terms may result in your account suspension, balances frozen, fines or warnings, and full account termination in accordance with this and other Payswif Policies.

Agreement As A Customer

As a customer/buyer of goods or services utilizing the Payswif Platform, all customers/buyers here affirm the Usage. Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and this policy in their respective and full entirety.

You are responsible as a customer to review the policies of the seller in accordance with Payswif Policies, should you not find any policies of the seller, you agree to not complete any transactions with the seller.

Return, Cancellation, Refund & Delivery

 Subscriptions Services:

Your policy directed to customers of Payswif must at a minimum purpose;

  1. Subscriptions with a duration of over thirty (30) days allow customers to cancel the order within three (3) days of initial or renewal payment and receive a full refund.
  2. Subscriptions with durations less than thirty (30) days as a buyer you affirm that it is of the sole discretion of the seller to issue a full or partial fund.
  3. For subscriptions of any length found to be defective, unavailable, or undeliverable within two (2) weeks of initial or renewal payments with adequate proof of such by the customer. As a seller, you affirm to issue a full refund.
  4. For subscriptions of any length found to be defective, unavailable, or undeliverable beyond two (2) weeks as the customer you affirm that it is of the seller’s sole discretion to issue a full or partial refund.

 Product or Services (Non-recurring);

  1. A product is undelivered within seven (7) days unless stated otherwise within the seller’s Delivery & Refund policy and product description; the customer must receive a full refund.
  2. A product in transit at the time of cancellation within seven (7) days unless stated otherwise within the seller’s Delivery & Refund policy and the product description must be refunded in full to the customer only after the product has been returned un-tampered and undamaged.
  3. A product delivered before the time of cancellation within seven (7) days unless stated otherwise within the seller’s Delivery & Refund policy and the product description must be refunded in full to the customer only after the product has been returned un-tampered and undamaged.
  4. A service rendered as executed instantly is of the sole discretion eligible for a full refund by the seller, a minimum refund of 50% is compulsory given that the customer provides proof of undelivered, not as described, non-functioning service.
  5. For a service rendered within seven (7) days and proves to be undelivered, not as described; or non-functioning by the customer, the seller is required to give a full refund for services costing below $100 USD. services above are at the seller’s discretion with the option of a minimum refund totaling 50%.
  6. A service not rendered within seven (7) days unless explicitly stating the time frame within the seller’s Refund & delivery policy and the service’s description is eligible for a full refund by the seller.


As a seller, you must provide a realistic delivery timeframe to which a product or service will be fulfilled to your customer. This information must be clearly visible to the customer from your website’s product or services pages and at checkout.

As a customer it is your sole responsibility to seek out the delivery timeframe and or applicable costing for returns and if the cost is covered by the seller or by you.


As a seller, you must indicate your return terms to which costs are covered by you or the customer, and the approved time frames in which the returns must be commenced are also required.

For the timeframes or terms that are not mentioned within this document that fits the criteria of a customer’s dispute or claims, you as the customer affirm that it is of the sole discretion of the seller to issue a refund.

 Refund, Cancellation, Loss or Claims and Disputes, Chargebacks Process

As the buyer you affirm that the first point of contact for any of the following; refund, cancellation, loss, or claims and disputes to this section must be conducted with the seller directly.

Should the seller be unresponsive at a minimum of three (3) days within the timeframe bound to their policies in accordance with this and our other applicable policies you are allowed to open a case with Payswif Please visit our Usage, Terms, and Conditions to review the applicable measures for opening and providing proof towards your claims or disputes with a seller.

 Loss or Claims

Payswif is not liable for any result in loss or damages to you or your business, with your affirmation that no legal action thereof can or should be taken against Payswif or any of the direct employees or partners. You agree to this policy in its entirety as an account holder of Payswif customer or seller, or Non-Registered User (customer).


Payswif will alert a seller and may suspend a withdrawal based on a chargeback initiated from a customer’s card provider. Should the chargeback be accepted valid by the card issuing provider, as the seller you are required to pay any fees associated with the total amount of the chargeback to Payswif. We may reduce, deduct or negate a balance from your account until all fees are paid in full.

Contact us for more information

Contact us
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