Our Fees Are Flexible

Making a payment using Payswif is FREE. Selling with Payswif is even better, you PAY 2.0% + $0.30EC fee per transaction! Payswif even allows you to earn 1% profit as a local Agent when you sell our digital currency SWIFCASH, how awesome is that?


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It’s always with you

Take control of the tools available to you with the help of Payswif. Start a new business, use for your existing business, ease your monthly bill payments, tap into services like never before.

For Ecommerce

Expand your revenue stream with online sales for your products or services. Integrate Payswif with your website or mobile app and get an awesome  shopping cart for your customers. We support woocommerce plugin & RESTFUL HTTP API.

For Money Transfers

Sending money to your friends and family with Payswif couldn’t be easier. It’s instant, send your first $100 EC free.

For Day to Day Transactions

Lets help you make your busy days less stressful. Paying your bills is just a few clicks, ( flow, Vinlec, CWSA ) are just a few.



In-Store, online or at our Smart Kiosk Machines

Why should you be charged a fee for spending your own money, we don’t think you should either

MiniApps STARTS AT 0.5% + $1.00 EC


MiniApps are InApp services that offer you paid features such as paying a Bill or sending mobile credit topups.

MiniApps (BillPay,Credit-Pal) 0.5% + $1.00 (EC) per transaction

SELLING STARTS AT 2.0% + $0.30

A Fair Deal

It’s not a lot when you truly understand the benefits you receive. Reach Millions of potential customers online, accept major forms of payments, API features to streamline payments even faster.

Plus, you only pay us when you get paid, so no hidden fees or monthly recurring fees.

  • Receive a payment at 2.0% + $0.30 (EC, USD) per transaction

  • Withdraw to bank/credit unions at 3.0% fee per transaction 

Introducing the Payswif Prepaid Card

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Payswif Got A Whole Lot Smarter

For Personal

The Payswif Prepaid is available to anyone that holds a Payswif account. Conduct faster & more secure face-to-face payments with sellers and use with our Smart Kiosk Machines. Manage your card directly from your Account Dashboard in a few easy steps.

For Business

Get custom branded Payswif Prepaid Card for your customers with API features to streamline payments even faster, even creating loyalty points program you control.

For Personal
For Business

Meet your virtual business extension

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Self-Serve Smart Kiosk

Businesses can now tap into a the self-serve industry with our Smart Kiosk Machines running many business operated KAPPs. Earn money from hosting a kiosk machine in-store or let us work on a customized option for your business. Customers can gain access to your business anywhere our smart kiosk machines are located. 

Hosting earns you $25.00 XCD monthly, with an additional $0.25 XCD per transaction from customers 

Building your business Kiosk App (KAPP) starts from $800.00 XCD with a hosting fee of $25.00 XCD per month for new & small businesses.

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