Payswif Tutorials

These tutorial videos & guides should get you up and going with Payswif in a matter of minutes. Explore all the key features of at your finger tips.

Registering a Payswif account

Recharge Your Payswif Balance

You can add money to your Payswif account in a variety of ways, visit our office to recharge at no additional fee or use an instant online method for debit-credit card or paypal.

*Please note this video varies for some versions of the app*

Requesting Money

You can request money from customers, Friends or Family remotely by sending a Quick Money Request link. Here are the steps;

Login to your Payswif account using the web or mobile app.

Click the Quick Money Request Button. On the mobile App of Payswif you will be able to send your payment request link through Apps like whatsapp, email or facebook messenger and more.


That’s it, your done! You’ll receive an email and push notification if you successfully received a payment.

Sending Money

You can send your Payswif Balance to other Payswif users as a means of payment or money transfer.

Additionally, you can even send money to a Payswif user without the need of you registering a Payswif account however the receiver must have a Payswif account.

*Please note this video varies for some versions of the app*

Buy Mobile Credit Topup (Flow/Digicel)

Paying a Bill ( CWSA, Flow, Courts, Vinlec)

Withdrawing Your Balance

You can withdraw your balance in a variety of ways using Payswif. Cash out at our office location or transfer to a bank or credit union account in a few clicks.

Create Payment Links

Adding a Third-Party Account

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