Recharge your Payswif balance.

Recharge via Credit Unions(SVG)

Make a deposit to our Payswif KCCU (7032883) or TCCU (00030864) accounts, add your payswif phone number to the deposit slip provided by the cashier then send a photo of the completed transaction receipt to [email protected], once our team has verified the transaction your account would be credited the total amount in 1- 24 business hours.

Recharge via our Head Office (SVG)

Recharge your Payswif account at our head office in kingstown St.vincent.

Recharge via banks or credit unions (USA)

Most major banks or credit unions in the USA support ACH. 

  1. Login to your banking app and locate the zelle option
  2. Choose send to a business and enter the name Payswif
  3. Enter the email address [email protected]
  4. Enter an amount between 10-500 USD
  5. Add a message with your Payswif account phone number
  6. Confirm the transaction and wait 8-48 business hours to which your account will be recharged

If you have any issues please message our online chat for help.

Recharge via wire transfer (international)

You can recharge via an international wire transfer however there is a minimum amount of $500 USD,CAD or GBP that must be transferred, banking fees and conversion rates may apply.

Some international financial institutions make it easy for you to conduct a wire transfer from their mobile banking app. 

To begin the process please contact us directly via the chat.

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