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Newsletter May 2020

As we prepare for a major announcement this June, lets first reflect on the milestones of May 2020, one month after our public launch on the 17th of April.

We know it’s hard for new and locally owned small businesses in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to get the support they need in order to grow, especially now in a global pandemic (COVID-19). We are thankful this is actively changing and the public is willing to  give Vincentian businesses a much needed chance.

There has been more ICT/Tech business startups this year and we have worked with a number of these businesses to integrate Payswif directly into their websites and mobile apps, existing businesses have now also transitioned to accepting digital payments for their products and services. The month of May has been a relatively busy one and promises that June will be no different with our BIG announcement.

Payswif has grown to over 1500 users across platforms for iOS, Android and Web. We have 30+ five star reviews in the app stores from satisfied users with over 6,000 digital transactions totaling $200,000+ EC dollars. Over $50,000+ EC dollars of which were bill payments to CWSA, VINLEC, COURTS & FLOW on behalf of our users (think of how many long lines were avoided).

We are so happy to have helped so many Vincentians in such a short time, there is more room for growth and with your support we can bring more positive changes to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 

We are preparing for a major announcement this June 2020. We know our existing fans and new users will be BLOWN away by this announcement. So follow our Facebook, Twitter & IG pages and install the #1 payment app to your mobile phone today!

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